Following configuration items will be done by the superv:install command if possible.

Configure composer.json for the Merge Plugin

superV uses Wikimedi Composer Plugin to merge addon composer settings into the main composer.json file automatically.

Add the following to extra section in your project's composer.json file:

        "extra": {
            "merge-plugin": {
                "include": [
                "recurse": true,
                "replace": false

Create a full privileged User

superV uses the main users table for authentication. But for authorization it has its own roles and actions. You can still use the existing users by granting them the user role which is needed to use the default Port that is connected to main Admin Panel.

You can use this command to create a new user

php artisan superv:user "Root User" --password=secret

Create the Addons directory

Composer packages for the superV addons are located in a special folder called addons instead of the default vendor directory. Learn more about addons

Create the addons directory, and make it writable:

mkdir addons
chmod -Rf 777 addons
echo 'superv/*' > addons/.gitignore